Exsportise runs residential English language summer courses combined with specialist activities for 9-17 year olds. Our programmes allow students to improve their practical and spoken English by attending structured English lessons as well as engaging in an activity of their choice. The specialist activities offered are: Tennis, Golf, Arsenal Football Development, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Horse Riding, Music and Dance.

Exsportise’s motto is “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

All staff are expected to provide an acceptable high standard of language learning opportunities to all students through EFL lessons, specialist activities, social and cultural exposure.

Exsportise has been awarded EL Gazette “Centre of Excellence” status based on British Council Inspectors publishable statements.

All duties are subject to change at the discretion of the Recruitment Manager.


Main Roles (divided/ shared by 2-3 Administrators per venue):

  • To work closely with the Centre Manager to ensure that the venue’s administration is efficient and be in daily contact with Head Office.
  • To be the first point of contact for students and staff and to work closely with the Centre Manager, Medical Staff and House Parents to ensure the welfare of all children and staff. Any concerns should be reported to the Centre Manager immediately.
  • To manage all points of contact in the venue office (phone, post and email) and to deal with parents and agents in a polite and efficient manner. The Centre Office has to be staffed at all times during the day.
  • To manage all finances relating to the venue, including student pocket money and petty cash. This includes maintaining accurate records of any transactions between the Company and its staff or students as well as ad hoc purchases as authorised by the Centre Manager.
  • To use information provided by Head Office to create sports/music/EFL/ bed registers, and liaise with Head Coaches/Head of Music/ DoS / House Parents to handle any requests for changes
  • To manage student check-in and check-out, including meeting parents and responsibility for collecting passports, travel documents and pocket money and keeping these safe for the duration of the student’s holiday.
  • To ensure all Company records (e.g. incident & accident reports, complaints log, fire drill reports etc) are kept up to date at all times.
  • To manage student feedback (distribution and analysis of feedback questionnaires)
  • To plan weekend excursions (fun and cultural) that are appropriate to all age groups and to the geographical location of the centre.
  • To organise all transport for excursions.
  • To organise student groups and pocket money and assign staff to group.
  • To oversee excursions, including managing other staff and taking responsibility for student welfare and discipline.
  • To manage all office equipment, restocking and organising repairs where necessary, and signing Company property in/out to staff (e.g. keys/walkie talkies)
  • To be the main point of contact for Group Leaders and to assist them with their group’s stay.
  • To ensure end of week sport/music/ EFL reports and certificates are completed for all students


Additional Duties:

  • To carry out bedtime duty on a rota basis, which includes being responsible for the bed and fire registers and waking up students on time.
  • To attend daily staff meetings, weekly meetings with the host school and take minutes of such meetings.
  • To follow guideline as outlined in the Staff Handbook and as explained by the Centre Manager
  • To help set up / pack up camp as required and assist with administrative side of staff induction
  • To ensure any visitors / contractors have read the Exsportise Welfare Leaflet and sign in and out of the Office when arriving / leaving site.


Personal Specification:

  • Highly organised with a good eye for detail and excellent time management skills
  • Flexible and adaptable approach to working hours
  • Able to deal well with pressure
  • Enthusiastic, friendly and to be able to respond sensitively to any pastoral matters
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel and sound knowledge of Google Drive desirable
  • Professionalism: being of smart appearance appropriate to the role and using appropriate language


Days Off/Time Off:

  • All rotas and days off are arranged by the Centre Manager. Any issues or changes regarding the rota and/or days off must be approved by the Centre Manager.
  • You are entitled to one 24-hour period off per week.
  • You are entitled to the equivalent of one shift off each day from Monday to Friday (shifts are: bedtime bedtime). Due to the nature of your role your time off may not necessarily follow the exact shift times but time off will be the same length as one shift.
  • You will be asked to sign the 48 hour working week opt-out agreement.
  • Due to the nature of the weekend activities (check-ins/check-outs, transfers and excursions), you are required to work all three shifts on these days.


Exsportise is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment, whether on or off duty.