Medical Officer

Exsportise runs residential English language summer courses combined with specialist activities for 9-17 year olds. Our programmes allow students to improve their practical and spoken English by attending structured English lessons as well as engaging in an activity of their choice. The specialist activities offered are: Tennis, Golf, Arsenal Football Development, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Horse Riding, Music and Dance.

Exsportise’s motto is “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

All staff are expected to provide an acceptable high standard of language learning opportunities to all students through EFL lessons, specialist activities, social and cultural exposure.

Exsportise has been awarded EL Gazette “Centre of Excellence” status based on British Council Inspectors publishable statements.

You should read this document carefully in conjunction with the accompanying contract, the signing of which, indicates that you are prepared to comply with everything as described in the contract and this job description. All duties are subject to change at the discretion of the Recruitment Manager.


Main Medical Roles (divided/shared by 2 Medical Officers):

  • To be aware of all medical, diet and allergy information for all staff and students and to disclose any relevant information to the appropriate staff members.
  • To ensure that students are in possession of specific emergency medication where appropriate.
  • To assist with student check-in, especially with regard to collecting medical information, medication and remind students to contact home.
  • To be fully familiar with both the accident and emergency procedures.
  • To be responsible for all medication at the venue, and ensure that it is all stored and/or locked up in accordance with health and safety regulations.
  • To supervise and record the dispensing of all medication.
  • To ensure a constant adequate supply of medical equipment and medication and to restock this when necessary.
  • To manage the stocking, collection and restocking of all First Aid bags and ensure that any missing items are accounted for.
  • To take (or accompany with another staff member) students or staff to the local medical centre / A&E as required.
  • To deal with all injuries and illnesses, record and inform the Centre Manager about them.
  • To review accidents and take appropriate measures in order to prevent recurrences.
  • To liaise with parents or agents regarding the health, treatment and wellbeing of students where necessary.
  • To provide compassionate support to all staff and student.
  • To supervise the weekly laundry service for staff and students.
  • To ensure that staff uniforms are washed daily.
  • To oversee the residential side of the centre, including liaising with the House Parents regarding student welfare, hygiene, bedtimes and wake-ups.


Main Welfare Roles (together with Centre Manager,  House Parents and if trial role occupied Welfare Manager):

  • To be jointly responsible for the welfare of all students, group leaders and staff, at your centre. This includes overseeing and keeping records of any disciplinary issues.
  • To be part of welcome meeting in order to make sure students and staff get to know you, understand and follow Exsportise rules and procedures.
  • To co-ordinate any necessary communication between parents, agents, Head Office and students and make sure Head Office is kept up to date with any issues.
  • To be in charge of all House Parents and make sure that staff are present in houses at given times and carry out their duties as required.
  • Monitor meal times to ensure students are in attendance, are eating well and are integrating well with other students (together with House Parents; this is also a responsibility of all staff).
  • To ensure that all risk assessments and fire drills are carried out as necessary and that any Health & Safety issues are dealt with and recorded
  • To oversee and set up lost property procedure and ensure items are returned to students while still on site


Additional Duties:

  • To assist the office team, at the direction of the Centre Manager, including answering phones during their absence.
  • To liaise with Administrators and House Parents about setting up houses before students arrive
  • To attend daily staff meetings
  • To follow guideline as outlined in the Staff Handbook and as explained by the Centre Manager.
  • To help set up / pack up camp as required
  • To carry out any other reasonable duties


Personal Specification:

  • Medical experience, ideally trainee doctor, qualified nurse or physiotherapist with first aid qualification
  • Pastoral/Welfare experience desirable
  • Responsible nature and able to set high standards
  • Excellent communication skills with people of all levels as well as interpersonal skills
  • Flexible and adaptable approach to working hours
  • Able to work as part of a team and independently
  • Able to deal well with pressure and to multi-task
  • Enthusiastic and friendly
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Possess a caring and compassionate nature


Days Off/Time Off:

  • All rotas and days off are arranged by the Centre Manager but this can be flexible as long as one Medical Officer is always on duty and on site. The Office needs to be kept informed about who is on duty.
  • You are entitled to one 24-hour period off per week although you are encouraged to be on site at night.
  • You are entitled to the equivalent of one shift off each day from Monday to Friday (shifts are: wake-up – lunch, lunch – dinner, dinner – bedtime). Due to the nature of your role your time off may not necessarily follow the exact shift times but time off will be the same length as one shift.
  • You will be asked to sign the 48 hour working week opt-out agreement
  • Due to the nature of the weekend activities (departures and arrivals), you may be required to work all three shifts on these days


Exsportise is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment, whether on or off duty.